Find A Guy...

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.
Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says, "...that's her."



What a horrible day. Okay so yeah, I had the most boring Friday classes today...then at work... well it started off good... some guy tipped me 20bucks on his 20$ tab...nice. But then, some old big guy came up to pay his tab... it was 60$. Normally people leave 10bucks or less (if they're really cheap)...so he puts down a 20$ bill, then puts his debit card on top. I normally figure that he's putting 20 towards his tab (alot of ppl do it), so I make the debit amount 40 bucks. Then he's trying to figure out his pin (because he's so far gone he can hardly stand)...then he looks at me "ARE YOU STUPID?! YOU'RE SUCH A STUPID GIRL. THE TIP IS 20$ ...WHAT YOU DON'T WANT A TIP?" ...and so I argued with him. I told him that he didn't say a word to me about tip... and why...WHY would I assume that he'd tip me 20bucks? You never do that...then you look like an idiot of you don't get that amount, you know? Ugh. Then miss Nipples here was being a bitch to me (the ex stripper)...ugh. Yay. I have another fun night ahead of me tomorrow. I guess the only upside of it is that I made 100$ in tips in 5 hrs. Meh. Not too shabby.


I need drama...

Do you ever get so bored with your life that you wish sometimes you'd have drama? (Mainly boy drama)... oh jeeze I do. But meh. We all know that won't change!

Okay so today I'm sitting in class, drinking my slurpee, trying to pay attention to what the teach is saying, when I look to the girl who is sitting a couple seats ahead of me, and to the left... her fuckin ASS CRACK is ALWAYS ...and I mean ALWAYS showing... I nearly started gagging. No really, it was that sickening. She's so fucking annoying too!!! The WHOLE year last year, she bummed off everyone... so yes, here she is, ass crack and all...I was SO close to dropping a pencil in her "GRAND Canyon". Sick....and, AND ...the whole class notices it, not just me! She's larger, so it's gross, you see stretch marks, it looks like plucked chicken skin... now do you see why I'm near puking!?

What else? OH :( My beloved Siamese Fighting Fish "Kissy" passed away today. Poor guy. Oh how I miss him. He was such a prude, very grumpy, but awsome nonetheless.

So get this... my 'friend', she called... AGAIN. I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to my vm, and she said this:
"DUDE I JUST FUCKIN WON TICKETS TO VANILLA ICE, YOU HAVE TO COME". No I don't. N.O. Don't like him (no offence to you V.I fans out there). Man. So I think I'm going to call her back tomorrow and just say "sorry, busy with school, I'll call you some time"...(probably not in the near future) lol.

And then today in computer class, I'm sitting w. my marriage obsessed friend... when all of a sudden one of the girls (...I filled her in on her marriage obsession)...she pipes up and says to her:

Girl: "Why are you so obsessed with getting married? You're 21, go out, have fun, live it up while you still can. You're too young to be dreaming about having babies and getting married... why do you want to?"

Friend: "Well I've got the house (lies. she lives in a small condo)...I've got the boyfriend (hardly, he's ugly and useless), now all I need is the marriage"

Girl: "Well... you're just stupid."

LOL yes. YES.

And my friend is telling EVERYONE she's been with her bf for 5 years, when yet they JUST had their 4 year anniversary in December. Now she's all "We've been together 5 years blah blah blah". No dear, you've got a ways to go before it's 5 years, and with the way he treats you, I wouldn't count on it.

Big Brother 6:
Go April!! Good... at least she's sparing Janelle...and Howie. Ivette needs to go. Maybe if she wasn't such an annoying whore she'd have actually gotten the phone call. Ha. Good for Janelle. And she won the trip! Well I hope Janelle wins HoH next and votes off Ivette...I don't think the "friendship" would be too sad to see her go.

Night ya'll!


Girls are like Apples

Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

What a day!!!

Okay so today, well a hell of a lot more interesting than I thought it'd turn out to be. Okay so here's the convo that took place between a student and the teacher today... (but first let me give you some background on this girl). We'll just call her 'Student' well.. anyhoo, this girl is like 5'4 by 5'4 ...she's very large... and dresses like she's got the body of a super model. (Tits hanging out, ass crack showing, all that jazz)... her hair is black and fried, and I swear she uses a black etch-a-sketch marker for her eyeliner. ANYWAYS. So every year at the beginning of the school year, the teachers will ask about your summer and whatnot. Last year Student announced to the class that she was celebrating her 3 MONTH anniversary with her boyfriend. She knew none of us before (all first year students)... so I was like, well that was stupid that she announced that! OKAY so now, here's the convo between our teacher and Student this year:

Teach: How was your summer?

Student: It was okay...

Teach: Did you work? Or just relax?

Student: I worked in a Hotel this summer at the front desk.

Teach: Well that must have been fun!

Student: Not really, the hotel is going through a criminal lawsuit right now...

Teach: Well, now that you've wet my tastebuds, you've gotta tell me more! Unless it's a touchy subject.

Student: Well no. I got raped.

(($*&(@*&#%$(*&$%&*(~!!!??!?!?! k WHAT?!

She just announced it to the class. Everyone's jaw dropped. I swear. She went in on details, but oh my goodness!!! I could NEVER say anything like that to a class, that is NOT news you fill someone in on. Like good for her that she had the nerve to tell the cops, but that's highly personal. So wow.

Yeah just thought I'd share that. Yikes.

Okay and then today, omg HOT GUY HEAVEN!!! Some guy that looked like Nick Lachey (no lie), was scoping me out... hottttnessss. It's good to be back now that I'm single and ready to mingle!!!

Puffy's Birthday is coming up soon!!! She'll be three!!! Yayyy (she's my bearded dragon, I love her to bits, she's got such a personality! She's like a dog. Seriously)

Oh OH! and, ANNDDDD....so this 'friend' (the messed up one that I was telling you about)...well she's called me 4 times so far today... (I didn't answer partly because I was in school)....but shit, what do I do? I feel mean, but I really just don't want to talk to her. She talks for houuurrrss and hourrrrsss about nothing. It's weird. Should I just keep snuffing her off?


Needs more COWBELL

So School starts...TOMORROW. Yikes. So I'm carpooling with my 'friend' who's obsessed with marriage. I swear if she says ANYTHING about getting a ring, or a dress, or ANYTHING... I will BOOT her ass out of my car faster than you can say "Ding Dong". Seriously.
Okay so I'm in Ikea today, and Holy Hannah talk about hot guy heaven! I loved it. So my best bud is moving in with her beau of SIX frickin months... he's got a kid... yikes. She doesn't cook, doesn't clean, does nothing. So she kept saying "he'll do all that" ...well let's wait and see how this all turns out. I'll pray for her.
So I've got this friend who, out of the blue starts calling me... well not a friend. Let me re-phrase that... "ex-friend" ...she ditched me when she turned into a bar star. So now that she's back from Hungary she's all "Oh we have to hang out more!" when I haven't seen her in over a year! Hells no girl! So she called me today, I was on the phone already so I told her I'd call her back. I haven't called her back... then just now, my cell rang, it was her again. I asked my best bud about it, and she said not to call her back, why should I when she did that to me way back in the day. So yeah. Besides... she's a little messed up... I'm trying to straighten my life out right now, not fuck it up even more. She's still a bar star, at the club every night... her way of thinking is messed up. (She's coke/x/pot head). So yeah, she's cut. Should I feel bad? Maybe she'll get the hint. I don't know!
So today was rather funny. I'm standing in line at Starbucks w. my friend.... when it struck me. When I was at the Stampede this year, I asked her to check my make up (no smudged mascara or anything), so she slapped me several times (in a joking way) it still hurt... I never got her back. So yes, we're at Starbucks when the Barrista guy turns his back to us and that's when I attack. I pick up one of those rock hard coffee cookie stick things, and I WHACK her to death with it... (this cookie was reduced to crumbs after). She was rather bruised. So we're in 1850, when she suddenly decides she wants revenge. She punches me in the forehead!!! Bitch! So that's when I went mad-cow on her ass and gave her a beat down in the middle of the store. (I'm not kidding). The nice young man who worked there, then came up to us and asked us if we'd like some Prozac. We declined.
Well folks, it's that time of day again.....
Q of the day: What would you do for a Klondike bar?


Gossip Gossip Gossip

So when working at a pub, there's always gossip. ALWAYS. I try to avoid it, I try to keep my mouth shut because I know how talkative the girls are there... but OH MAN. I need to load all this off, to ANYONE who's listening.
K well first off... the new girl we just hired... is about 5'1 and about 90lbs, she's got implants like Mount Fuji, well turns out she was a former STRIPPER. She's so whorey! We've got live bands that play every Friday and Saturday, so she'll come up to me and grab me and start grinding, k hello I hardly know you! Sure I do that kind of shit with my best friend because I've known her since forever, I don't care I'll grab her boob and she just laughs, but this girl is a stranger. ...and I'm afraid that with her touching me, I might contract a few stds. ANYWAYS. So I'm getting off work and she asks me to cover her section, I say no I'm leaving, so she freaks out and is like, "I WONT BE LONG" blah blah blah. Whatever. I left... I get to my car to find her smoking up in the back. Real classy.
So here I am working in this pub feeling like an outsider because I'm the only one going to school, and the others are basically alcoholics... well I work with this other girl whom I thought she WAS normal. Nope turns out she's a hardcore coke addict, !??!?!! people?! c'mon!
What is it with people and drugs?? I admit it, I'm such a prude when it comes to crap like that because since, like what? Grade 6 I've had to watch kids snort coke, smoke crack, or shoot up in the parking lot of our school. THEN I made the mistake of dating a "recovering" addict...bad move. He was so manipulative and keniving (sp?). So I have no tolerance for people that do drugs. Especially addicts. Sorry.
So yeah guys, Monday, back to school. Woop-de-doo.

Q of the day: Would/could you ever trust an addict enough to date them?


Puppy Love

Well... I mean this title literally. I only have love for my puppy. He's the only man in my life who's willing to deal with my mood swings and weird behavior (only because I feed him and take him for poops).
I really hate being single. I see all these girls in these relationships looking so happy... and I miss that so much. Of course there's the fights and whatnot... but I miss that too. I miss not having someone there for me who will listen to me bitch when I've had a bad day. I know your friends can listen and whatnot, but it's not the same. I want a b/f...but obviously I'm not going to settle for the first thing that falls on my doorstep... he's gotta be a guy worth giving my time to... (THIS IS NOT TO SOUND COCKY)...but you know... you wouldn't date someone who's an alcoholic, or abusive. I just want the guy to meet this criteria: a) not a drug user, b) doesn't cheat, c) has a good education. ...and yet, I feel like I'm asking for A LOT. Seriously, and I mean in ALL seriousness... ever guy that I've dated has either a) been a drug user, b) cheated, or c)had no education, (and in my last case, ALL OF THE ABOVE). I'm starting to get that hopeless feeling again. For a while I was doin' okay, now I'm just getting sad and lonely.

My best bud is moving in w. her bf of like what? 6 months... (he's a long distance bf)...so she's getting all excited and whatnot... then my other friend, she was well single for 24 hrs ...and all the others have been in serious relationships for like 2 years. I'm the only single one. I hate it. All my friends are out spending time w. their bfs...and I'm happy for them, (truly), but sad because I don't have anyone. Sorry. Just me bitching....again.

Marriage Bliss or Marriage Miss...

Well in this case, it'll be a marriage miss. This couple will be creating one ugly child. So my friend that I just updated you all on... well now she apparently just went and got her finger sized. The best he could do for her is a donut. She wants to name her daughter (if she has one) "Isabella" so that people will call her "Bella" for short. My ass... I'll call the kid "Brute". This child will have blonde hair... it will be 250lbs at the age of 5, she will have acne, glasses, and teeth like Mr. Ed. ...and her wardrobe will consist of Walmart clothes from the half off bin. Sorry...but ew. I know I sound mean... but you need to understand the anger I feel towards this couple. When I broke up with dickface, what did she say to me the next day? "Get over it." ...ugh! She's never been in a relationship (besides the flunk one she's in now). And she'd get mad at me whenever I was feeling down. Some friend. And as for her bf. He was hitting on me... talk about disgusting. SO ANYWAYS... sorry I got off track there.... so yes, she's got her wedding songs picked out... she wants to use the song "Stairway to Heaven" by L.Z. (!!!?) ...has she NOT listened to the words??!!! That is NOT a wedding song. She's so immature... and ...AND get this... her dress will be made hand made, to look like a midevil times dress (the sleeves will be like the 70's flowy arms)... she will be wearing a cape with a big red crest on the back with the initials "NM"...and she will be led into the reception by bagpipes. Her bf told her that IF he ever won the lottery, he'd marry her in a castle. She said "Aww how romantic". She has to base her hopes and dreams on him winning the lottery...and the funny thing is, they don't even buy lottery tickets! So now she's all obsessed with this whole marriage ordeal at the age of 21 (just turned). It's like she was born with her life goal being marriage. She stuck with Mr. Ugly for the sole pupose of getting married. Pathetic!

So Jefferson and Martini, you're totally right. I'm not going to email him back... although I'd really like to. I'm just waiting and hoping that he'll email me back soon so that I can tell him exactly what I think of him.

For some reason, I have never remained friends with an ex... (all for the best)...bagh. I'm at that "Screw Men" stage... I need comfort food. But no. I'm going to go "twist" away my love handles. Toodles ya'll! **Maybe that Bacon Ranch Chicken Burger ISN'T that fattening? MmMmmMm Burgerking here I come. It's at BK right?? It best be!


Talk about debt!...

Okay so let's figure this out:

$400 School course
$415 Books (I have a few more to buy too)...
$430 New Tires
$740 (Previous school course, plus shopping in the states ...*the course was 400)
Which brings me to a grand total of: $You'resobrokejustgiveupnow. AGH! This sucks. ...But I keep telling myself..one more year of school, then I'm finished... no more having to worry about homework/school/money.
ANYWAYS on to better news. So I bought this Bally Fitness Twist Board... so I can "Twist all my Love Handles AWAY!" ...holy crap that thing is hard to use, and I don't even know if it's working! It's fun nonetheless. So yes. School. Monday. Yikes. I'm just hoping that my O&G class will be filled with hot men...but bad news. I was asking my friend about it... apparently, it's an 80:20 ratio of girls to guys... which in my luck...will end up being 100:0 girls to guys. Ugh.

So I just found out that this girl I go to school with... k... well let me explain it first of all. ...When she first came to class, I thought she was a student for a day because she looked handi-capped...not to be mean!! But really, she's that bad. ANYWAYS... She's engaged. (!!!!!!@#*&*^#). It makes me sad that I'm still single, and that she can find someone, although I am happy for her, (in all honesty)...but like shit. I had to go through so much shit with dickface here...I'm waiting for Karma to bite him in the ass, but so far, he's livin the high life (literally, he smokes up every day lol)...but like shit...I can't even manage to find one decent guy in the what, almost SIX frickin months I've been single. BAGH. I guess one of my greatest fears...is being one of those 40 yr old ladies still looking for 'Mr. Right'...when really the only man in my life is my cat. Maybe I worry too much. Whatever.

So this "friend"...she emailed me a while back... she's all distraught because she's been w. her bf for 4 yrs, and she's 21. She wants to get engaged ASAP... (mainly to show off to the class her new ring.) ...so anyways... her bf told her now that he wants to get married in 2008. She broke down crying. OH GIVE ME A BREAK. K this guy is controlling, UGLY, and seriously stupid...yet she talks about him like he's some greek god. (He's got red hair that is shaved and ugly curly...acne, 4 inches of gum, with 2 cm of teeth...(like HUGE gums)...he talks like jughead (probably with the same mentality)...and he's about 5'11 by 5'11. (Pear shaped body)...seriously...the thought of him naked is enough for me to upchuck my lunch. So I want to tell my "friend" to ditch the loser and find someone else... her excuse? "But I'm so close to marriage" Oh kiss my ass. So yeah... he works at a Sulphur mill, she works at a law firm photocopying documents (yay)... and whenever she wants to spend even a dime, she has to call him and ask for his approval, yet he'll go out and spend hundreds of dollars on fuckin computer games. LOSER. Ugh. Nerdiest couple ever.

So I gots ta thinkin... (just while on the whole horrible b/f topic)...I've been wondering lately... should I email my ex and tell him what I think of him... (it'll be the worlds longest email)...because I mean, he was the one that emailed me over 50 times in one month... and he was the one writing me to tell me I'm a "broke joke" or a "hoe" or a "slut". I was waiting for him to email me back with his daily life "update"...but he hasn't...and well I'm impatient... so I need an opinion... should I email him regardless of him not emailing me in almost a month...and tell him what low down piece of shit he is? I think I should. He made my life a living hell... he told me exactly what he thought of me... and I kept my mouth shut....but I think it's time for me to tell him what I think of him.


Unintentional Celibacy

Yeah, I watched some sex show, and I realized, I am an unintentional celibate...sadly. ANYWAYS... so my weekend never went as planned...I never got to job hunting...so my car (POS!)...needs some new part that I have to go searching for tomorrow....great. My unc is a mechanic so thankfully, he's doing the job for me, or I'd be paying a good 1g at least to have it fixed...
In the meantime...on Saturday my cous took me out to meet this guy she wanted me to be set up with...she said he's really cute, tall ...brown hair blue eyes...so we get there...and low and behold...the guys has some scruffy beard and is dressed worse than a homeless man. I was quite sickened...I guess it was a good month since my cous had seen the guy ...so even she didn't recognize him!! Meh. Can't say I didn't try!!!
....and I ended up ditching the party that the mechanic was throwing...sadly. Usually we just txt msg eachother back and forth...but last night (well early morning) a little after 1am... he calls my cell...which kind of shocked me... he's got a gf (or so he says)...yet he still calls me sexy, gorgeous, shit like that...to be honest, doesn't really bother me...it's not like I want him and am upset that he's dating someone. I just think it's unfair to his gf that he's acting this way behind her back. Not my business though.
So now...well, we'll see what tomorrow brings... Probably an early morning (I'VE GOT ONE WEEK OFF!!!!)...so after I finish my car part shopping...I might just do some "personal upgrading" shopping, like a sexy pair of stilettos, or a schnazzy new jacket. Who knows. Damn I hate ebay. (We have a love-hate relationship)...I'm officially banning myself from that sight...starting.......


Has anyone read "Memoirs of a Geisha"? AWSOME BOOK. Read it.



OOOKAY Folks... last day at the firm... I couldn't be more excited in my life. I HATE THIS JOB... I'm crazy, I'm actually looking forward to going back to school. Okay so I called in sick to the pub... what did I tell them? Some elaborate lie.....
"Hi boss I can't make it in, I have to fly to Manitoba tonight"
"Is everything okay"
"Yeah, there was just a, uh car accident"
"Okay...well hope everythings okay....?"
"Me too, bye"
omg if that doesn't get me fired... I will be more than surprised.
So now I am going to RELAX this weekend. I was invited out to the bar w. a friend, but I don't know if I'll go. bagh...to be honest, I just want to stay in my jammies and veg. on the couch.



Okay so I'm driving to the pub tonight, and who do I see walking down the road? ...(which happens to be a very big, busy road mind you).... G's little brother... the normal one, he's such a sweetheart...he's only 16, or 17...can't remember...ANYWAYS...his gf of over a year just broke up with him, poor guy, he treated her like gold. She was a spoiled little bitch. So yes, J (we'll call him)...was walking quite a ways from his house... because from my house to his house, is a good 20 minute walk, and if you're looking to go somewhere good like Silver City or something, that's a good hour walk. Poor kid, maybe his demented older brother drove him out of the house... after all, G does have the mentality of a demented sparrow.
So I'm working for this lawyer whom I cannot STAND... he's a nice guy, but honestly, who dictates out a TWO hour tape, then makes you type it out? Frick. But today...since it's my last week, I did dick all. I said screw it... I'm not going back to that firm.. so what do I care what they think of me?? Ha.


I hate men...

Well mostly caveboy to be precise, the fucker walked by my desk today and chatted it up like nothing was wrong. What a fool. I hope he moves back to Ontario and stays there... he's a coward...UGH. So yes...I've come to the conclusion that he's a tool...a fucking nimrod. On the uphand I was randomly txt msg'd from this guy I met, (the mechanic)...and turns out he's throwing a party this wknd, if I'm not working, I'm going and will hopefully score myself some fine ass. Well no. I'm not a slut. I've been deprived from sex for five months, and yes, that's a very long time if you ask me. It's like, wouldn't you just love to have this random hook-up with some totally hot stranger, have this amazing pornstar sex, then keep it your own little secret? ...well... I would ...and no I'm not a slut. So tomorrow I'm heading down to this huge sports pub to try to score myself a job... that way I'll be financially secure for school...and still manage to support my shopping habit at the same time.
Has anyone read the book "Memoirs of a Geisha"? I'm attempting to read it at the moment, kinda boring at first, but I heard it's awsome.
Well I'm headin off to bed for some wind-down time. I think I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow, the stupid ass lawyer I'm working for dictated for TWO FUCKING HOURS on a tape...about catalysts and EO200's whatever the hell that is... so yeah, I slacked off and managed to finish half of it today... he's impossible to understand, he mumbles like a drunkard. Whatever, it's my last week at the firm, then...HOME FREE...school begins and I'm on the prowl for a hot boy.


Bad Case of the Ex....

He's everywhere I turn...not him, but memories of him...and yeah, my lordie, it's been 5 months, almost half a year, and I'm still haunted by him. So I'm workin my ass off in the pub last night...(it's a larger pub divided into two sections)...so I had this crazy insane side that the band was playing on, and the other side was more dead...So I go over to the dead side...and BAM there's my ex's best friends...all of em...without him, (thank god)....so what do I do? I stay friendly with them! I acted like nothing was weird or wrong, even though that prick put me through fuckin hell and back... and I went over and poured them all a shot of JD....I'm like thinking 'go back and tell that dickface what a great girl I am and what he's missing out on' ...to top it all off, my hair and makeup were perfect (thank you mac makeup for making this possible) lol. So yes...once this gets back to G, that mofo will probably write me and mention it or something...but good. HA. And so ALSO...I was talking to a reg. at the pub, I figured he was a landscaper since he was always so tanned, nope, turns out he's a land surveyor for a major oil co, so I gave him my number...and he just called...left a msg....so I'm going to call him back right now, he left a vm saying he might have a possible job for me.... let's see what he says!!!:
Woops! Diff job pos. There's another job at a pub down the street is what he's telling me...and I most likely have the job. I think I'll apply and see what happens lol
oh man I need to get laid.



Wow, so I'm trying to eat healthy...and listen to my breakfast... Grilled cheese (on cheesebread)...w. double cheese in the middle, complete with bacon...to DIE for. yes. Then, well of course, the firm supplies donuts for us every Friday, so I had one of those suckers...then for lunch, I ate semi-healthy, and had a tuna sandwich, complete with reese peanut butter bites... what a day...and ..since I'm going straight to my other work, after work, I'll probably eating all that greasy food (I work at a pub)...so yay. I'm on the road to fatness. 30 mins and counting...
So no great prospects in the future... I'm working for the hot Aussie today, he said hi but I was too shy to say hello back HA I'm a loser. OH MAN ..so I just got an email from my fellow co-worker here... so I don't know if I mentioned it before...but I went on a few dates w. ab (I may have called him)...well my fellow co-worker just ran into him..and said he was somewhat of a prick... he's writing back on why. I'll fill you in! We've re-named him "cb" for Caveboy (he's built, like super built, so hence the caveman theory). Well the email said "he was just rude"
AGH just got swamped with work. I'll w/b later! Ciao


My wonderful day...

Which really...was nothing spectacular....I had to work today (I hold a side job at a pub)..and some stupid bitch that was just hired on like 2 wks ago is acting like she owns the damn place. She tried to get me to clean the fuckin ketchup lids. I was like hmm no. Her fat ass had to do it instead. Ugh she totally pisses me off. So yeah, I sat on my ass all day and had a field day with the regulars. That'll show the whoooore.
So yes....I made a split decision and changed my career path. Instead of going into the Legal field... I'm going into the Oil and Gas. That's where the money is. I'm actually pretty excited...except for the fact that I'm going to have 7 courses this semester... it'll be a doozey.
So yeah I'm totally racking up my credit card...but whatever... it's not every day I spend that much money on school. Meh!

Hey...are there really people out there who meet their soul mates, say, on a plane to europe, or the bus stop....or even the grocery store? I've never met someone that way...it's always been through friends...but I think it'd be neat if I found through a situation like that.

Next question... I'm just having this convo w. a somewhat friend... he said he loved his gf, I asked him if he actually meant it... and he said: "well....you can love someone and not constantly have that feeling" I don't think that is true though. If you truly love someone, that love stays and grows... it doesn't only come and go as you see the person...it remains even after they're gone... (then if you break up, it slowly dies lol). What do you ppl think?


Robbin' the Craddle.

SERIOUSLY what is it with you guys? I think it's pretty sick to hook up with a 17 year old when you're 22... i know it's only a 5 yr age gap, but the AGE is what disturbs me. SHE'S NOT LEGAL YET, WHY ARE YOU WITH HER? ...sick. K it's different when someone's 23 and their boyfriend is 28... they've got maturity at least (well most)....but I mean really.

So next time my ex emails me... I'm going to let him have it (he's not the one with the 17 year old currently... although he probably is too)...but anyways, like I was saying... next time he emails, I'm going to crush him like a bug. He put me through so much shit...and he still tries to act all chummy with me? nuh uh. He thinks he can be a neurosurgeon at the "University of Left-Bride" (for all you Canadians out there, you know what small Albertan city I'm talking about).... Now... spell it with me people.... L.E.T.H.B.R.I.D.G.E ..NOT LEFT-BRIDE what a dumbass. Maybe he's having flashbacks from all that acid he took. Who knows.

But anyways. ...I was offered a temp job in Australia... the country of my dreams... it'll last for 8 months... I was only hoping 3 at most....I really want to take it, but don't know... I'm close to my family and I think I'd miss them way too much.... I'd be gone for Christmas, and that alone would break my heart... not being able to sit and eat with the whole family. (We're Italian so by family, I mean... the WHOLE family)... but who knows... maybe Prince Charming will sweep me off my feet and I won't feel the need to escape.... hahaha.... right. Australia here I come.

At what age do you draw the line? Am I right, or am I wrong... is this guy too old for her?


Excuses, Excuses...

What's the stupidest reason you've ever broken up with someone over?

Here are a few of mine...

Well first there was Adam...I put things to a screeching hault because of the fact that he was a virgin...(I am by no means a slut)....but jeeze... he seemed so innocent, and really, he probably was. He was also a bible thumper...also not my thing...he was a great guy, hot too, but no thank you.

Another hottie was Tyler... very, very hot might I add... but let's just say the wheel was there, but the mouse was dead. He was a dimwit. ...he even scored a role on Days of our Lives... really nice guy.... but I'll pass.... it takes more than a hot body to win me over.

Now let's move on to Travis.....typical boy next door type, really great, smart guy... a little weird... I'd always find notes from him popping up in weird places.... once my locker at school (this was way back when in Highschool)...then at work....then at home... he would continue to leave me blue roses at my doorstep too...so when I broke it off with him, things didn't go too well... I told him that I wasn't ready to settle down into a serious relationship, so what does he do? He goes to the stripclub and takes a picture with that nights "special feature" ...he then proceeds to my house where he throws celery and carrots at my window in hopes of waking me, or catching me at home... when he had no such luck... he wrote me an email... he appologized for the produce on my rooftop, then proceeded to tell me about how he had a new 'crush' (the stripper)... lovely... grow up. He was a nice guy though. Maybe if I ran into him I'd give it a shot if he asked. Who knows!

AHhhh then who can forget the mechanic? Seriously, no dice. Nuh-uh. NEXT PLEASE. Seriously, he had the raunchiest hands (for obvious reasons) ...they were stained black and very, VERY rough... narsty. Blegh!

So now what're your excuses?

Why Settle?

Ugh people can be so stupid sometimes, WHY DO YOU STAY IN A RELATIONSHIP IF YOU'RE THAT UNHAPPY?
Some people are just so obsessed with marriage that they'll stay in this piece of shit relationship hoping for an engagement ring in the end. RIIIGHHHTTT.

So next week, as I had mentioned earlier, I'm working for the hot Aussie...and well yesterday I found out I was working for yet ANOTHER hottie... last year he had a g/f, but then left for B.C to finish his law degree.... so maybe they split up in the meantime, (I'm not wishing that on them AT ALL, trust me)...she was somewhat of a dimwit though... she was so whiney and needy...ugh...gag me.

Well I'm hungry so I might just run down for some breakfast. toodles.


So the roadtrip was great... totally fun, I spent way too much moola...but whatever, it's not everyday that I'm graced by Victoria Secret's grace! ....lingerie is the key to self confidence. Seriously.

In the meantime not much has happened. Same ol' crap.

Question... does a guy even notice when a girl spends all this money on a sexy outfit, or does he just care about getting her out of it ASAP?


Sooooo I'm addicted to e-bay. I love it.... and I just recently got my best bud addicted to it too. ...We're shopaholics. So a short recap of my past few months.... I broke up with my boyfriend of 1.5 years, he was a drug addict....yes yes ... I don't need to hear it ... "why would you go out with someone like him" ..."are you stupid?" Crap like that... but you see...he claimed he was sober... he's been in and out of rehab since the age of 16...he's done just about every possible drug out there... but when I met him... he was "sober" ...I gave him the benefit of the doubt...(my mistake)...but hey, you learn from your mistakes right? ...Well at least I did. So anyways... He broke up with me once... (he did it because he wanted the freedom...the freedom to smoke up every living second of his poor pathetic life)...and I'm sorry... but I mean, c'mon here... he's a recovering addict, you shouldn't be smoking weed!...NOT ONLY THAT... he didn't do it in small amounts... he'd waste a good $300 AT LEAST on it a weekend. It wasn't just "for fun" ... or "once in a blue moon" like he claimed. ...So we got back together, he promised not to do it again, yadda yadda yadda, same ol' crap. ...So turns out he was doing it again... I was sick of all his drama... So I broke up with him.... and ladies, it wasn't just because of the weed... I'm sure you can sympathize with me on this one.... here's the thing about 'G' (as I will call him)...he:
*couldn't drive...depended on me to drive him everywhere
*couldn't hold a steady job for more than 4 months...and these jobs weren't ones you make a career out of (sorry, Starbucks doesn't cut it for me)
*complained that I wouldn't give him money
*was trying to apply to University and College... but had no such luck since he dropped out of highschool (um duh!)
...so here I am... I'm a legal assistant working for a major lawfirm...and here he is, sitting on his tush every night, complaining about being broke, trying to get me to buy him smokes.
Nope. I'd had enough. So this is how it went:

Tuesday morning, my best bud drove me to his place to break up with him.... I'm knockin on his window till he wakes up and heads to the basement door. ...I get inside...

S- "I can't do this anymore... you lied to me, I'm not going to put up with it anymore"

G- "What're you talking about S? It's 9 in the morning!! What's going on??"

S- "Sorry G. But I've had it, I can't do this anymore..."

G- "I knew you'd run out on me like every other person in my life, you're just like the rest of them, like every other girl out there"

I put up with that crap for a while... so finally, I'd told him I had enough... went to leave... I'm outside walking back to the car when he called out my name... I went back in. ...For some STUPID reason, I was afraid of never having him around again...so...we got back together... I was NOT happy...why I did it... I don't know.

So the next morning I woke up, and decided..nope... I'm breaking up with him for good. ...and now, you make think this is mean to do to the guy, but just wait...

So I go over there, wake him up again, the whole schpeal... and I'm leaving ...walking to my car... then I hear "S!! Wait, come back!" ...same line I heard yesterday...

S- "NO... I'm leaving, it's over!"

G- "IF YOU LEAVE NOW, I'M GOING TO F*CK ERIN" (Erin is his ex who was just recently back in the picture and trying to get down his pants.


After that I got in my car and drove away. ...When I got home, he was on the phone w. my brother... I talked to him for a bit... he begged me to come back... I said I needed time, he said he didnt' have time, all that pressure crap ...So I said to him... "We have a break, or nothing at all" ...what was his response? ....

"IT'S F*CKING OVER YOU STUPID F*CKING B*TCH" *click* .. yep.. then throughout the day he called trying to get me back... I stopped taking his calls. The next day when I got home... he was at my house (my brother had let him in (him and G were good friends)) ...so once again, he tried to get me back... I said no, he begged, like literally begged... I told him I'd drive him home since it was getting cold out and I didn't want him walking home wet and cold... so he started begging again... dropped on his knees and *prayed to the lord above* that i'd take him back. How embarrassing! ...Still...No. N.O.

So then the rude emails started, the calls, the rumors...everything... that was at the end of March... I just received an email from him the other day....I haven't replied. I'm sure he'll write again.

I was friends and still kind of am I guess, with his best friend...he's a model, SOOOO effin hot...G accused me and him of having an 'affair' behind his back. HA. I wish. ...anywho... his bud told me of how G was cheating on me.... lying to me, the whole kit and kaboodle. So here I am... writing in this little blog thing.... the "brunette blog" hahaha...cheesy? Yes. ...Since the breakup I've been on a few dates... nothing spectacular.. one guy in particular caught my eye... I named him Articling boy... (he's an articling student for the firm I work at)... but things didn't turn out... and so now, in a couple weeks, I'm going to be working for Aussiboy. ...HOT HOT HOT...future lawyer... Australian, dark hair, blue eyes, stunning. I'm so excited. ...with my luck he'll be married with 5 children and another on the way.

So here I am, just writing about the wonderful "Single Life" again. I hate it. I don't know if I can trust another guy, I mean I'm going to have to.. but hell... it might take a while, dickhead put me through hell and back. A lesson well learned though.

Sunday my best bud 'A' and I are heading down to the states for some good ol' shopping (Yes I'm Canadian ...eh(?)) ...

So like they say, every day is a winding road (or as Sheryl Crow(e?) would say)... who knows where it'll take me... hopefully a wonderful mall filled with the most fabulous designer clothes that no one will have back home. That'd be nice. haha.

Night all.